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Free shipping this Week On order over 1000 pesos
6pcs Set Anti Radiation Stickers for Phones & Tablets

6pcs Set Anti Radiation Stickers for Phones & Tablets

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Phone-Sticker Chip-Shield | Anti Radiation Chip Shield | Quantum Shield Sticker Mobile Phone 

Worried about the health risks brought by electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone? Then this Anti-Radiation Sticker is just for you! This sticker Set contains negative ion energy that protects your family from radiation emitted from mobile phones & gadgets. 



  • Blocks more than 90% cellphone radiation from entering your head
  • Absorb and transfer electromagnetic radiation waves, thereby reducing the damage of mobile phone radiation on the human brain.
  • Increase the standby time of the mobile phone by 0.5-2 times.
  • Restore old rechargeable battery capacity and extend battery life.


  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Gold, Silver
  • Size: 25mm


  •  Remove the radiation-protective patch backing paper, glue it on the side of the antenna near the mobile phone (adhere to this site to reduce the emissivity above 90%), and paste it on the mobile phone battery (use this Paste can reduce the emissivity of about 60% -70%, and at the same time can restore the battery capacity and extend the standby time, the characteristics of double-effect is adopted by most people.
  • When sticking on the battery, pay attention to avoid the electrode, the battery is positive and the back can be pasted.
  • Radiation protection patch can be cut according to the required size. Shearing does not affect product functionality. However, when it is pasted on the battery, it must cover more than 70% of the area of the battery.

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